2016 Events:

2016 has been a busy year! Norma E.Cantu and I have been busy with  book signings for the Transcendental Train yard book. We had the prints installed in galleries such as the Ruiz Healy Gallery in San Antonio,  and the  University of Missouri-Kansas City.

Please contact us if you would like to have us at your art center, university or literary book event through this website or Wings Press in San Antonio.

Special thanks to Patricia Ruiz for hosting this event.

Book signing at Ruiz Healy Gallery, San Antonio,Texas
Book signing at Ruiz Healy Gallery, San Antonio,Texas

Patricia Ruiz Healy at her gallery


Book signing at Ruiz Healy Gallery
Book signing at Ruiz Healy Gallery
Tomas Ybarra Frausto at Ruiz Healy Galleryt
Tomas Ybarra Frausto at Ruiz Healy Gallery .







Stella Sanchez, at Ruiz Healy Gallery
Stella Sanchez, at Ruiz Healy Gallery
Cuentos, the art of Marta Sanchez McCormick Gallery, Midland College, Midland Texas September, 2015












2015 Events

Unfolding the life of Blanca Estela,The Crawford Gallery at the Episcopal Academy, Newtown, PA October 2016

Transcendental Train Yard book coverTranscendental Train Yard

by Norma Elia Cantú and Marta Sánchez

Hardback, 48 pages

 Transcendental Train Yard is a collection of color serigraphs accompanied by bilingual poems, in Spanish and English, inspired by the artwork. The art also incorporates the poetry, thus making the book a unique, reflexive form of ekphrastic creativity.Transcendental Train Yard provides the reader a glimpse of the role the railroad and the carpas (itinerant vaudeville troupes) played in the Mexican American community. Artist Marta Sánchez and poet Norma Elia Cantú collaboratively render images and words that poignantly reflect specific periods in that history. The scholarly essays by Constance Cortez and Peter Haney and the evocative preface by noted Chicano scholar Tomás Ybarra-Frausto bring an added depth. Artist and art collector Cheech Marin also contributes his memories of the train yards.
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 The Philadelphia Art Alliance
“The Inaugural Exhibition of the Pennsylvania Arts”
Governor-elect Tom Wolf and Frances Wolf, January 20.2015- February 15,2015http//


Cheech Marin’s traveling exhibition, “Chicanitas” re-enforces the idea that size does not matter.

Cheech Marin recent Traveling show “Chicanitas” is traveling throughout the United States featuring Mr. Marin’s collection of small works. This collection is being featured at art centers,and universities throughout the country. For more information on the exhibit please visit  http//

Cheech Marin with Alice Cooper and  his collection piece, “Alice Bowie”. Photo courtesy of Melissa Richardson Banks
Alice Bowie, oil and enamel on tin, 2010